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10 Easy Home Moving Tips!

I often hear that moving is one of the most stressful things to do. So here are ten helpful home moving tips to keep in mind for your next move…aside from me actually helping you move, but maybe I would for some pizza?


Materials you will need:

  • Boxes (some moving companies will not move any items that are not in a box – check with your moving company beforehand)
  • Packing paper, tape, and bubble wrap
  • Different colour felt markers or stickers to label boxes
  • Small clear bags to keep screws, nails, and small electronics together


1. Book movers well in advance, especially long weekend holidays and end of month dates. Once it’s scheduled, you’ll have a deadline where you can slowly start to pack non-essential items into boxes and then take on the more essential items closer to your moving date.


2. Pack similar items in the same box and label which room they’ll be going into once you unpack. Another time saving tip is to colour code each box depending on room location that way friends or movers know exactly where they’re going. Also, load the items you will need first last on the moving truck so that you can access them right away.


3. Keep your essentials with you! Including jewelry, bank cards, photo ID’s, toiletries, a change of clothes and any valuables.


4. Pre-clean or hire cleaners to clean your new home before the movers show up. That way you can start unpacking right away.


5. Notify schools, medical offices, Canada Post, utility companies, and friends prior to your move. Also, you must update your driver’s license with your new address within 10 days of your move.


6. If you live in a house check your gas meter and and water meter the day of your move. Take photos to ensure accuracy when cancelling or moving accounts.


7. Have your utilities (BC Hydro, cable and internet, Fortis BC) disconnected the day after your move and connected at your new home the day before your move to avoid any service disruptions.


8. Make travel arrangements ahead of time. You may require a rental vehicle, a night or two in a hotel or to make a ferry reservation if you’re moving off the island.


9. When moving out of a condo apartment make sure to book the moving elevator ahead of time. Usually, you will have to let the strata manager know in writing and there may be a small fee for booking the elevator.


10. Be organized and make sure all your items are packed in boxes and that your furniture is disassembled, if necessary, prior to the movers coming. Finally, your driveway or the area in front of your home should be clear for the moving truck.


Do a final walk through to make sure you’ve packed everything up and check your mail for the last time. Congrats, it’s time to celebrate and move into your new home!

Are there any topics you’d like me to cover in the upcoming weeks?

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