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5 Home Projects To Do Before Listing!

April 29, 2020


Below you’ll find a few easy quarantine home projects that you can keep in mind before listing your home! Full disclosure: I am nowhere near Marie Kondo’s organizing levels even after watching her Netflix show. But, I do hear a lot of feedback from buyers and I want to pass along some info to the future sellers out there!


Declutter Closets And Storage Rooms

Install easy shelving or use storage baskets to group similar clothes, files, and items together. Buyers are always wanting a house with lots of storage so it’s easier to envision themselves living in your space when there is enough room for their belongings.


For items and clothes that you no longer need, there are many organizations to donate to such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters which will accept clothing and small household appliances. Alternatively, recycle or throw away any items you no longer use.




Apply A Fresh Coat of Paint

Changing the interior paint colour of main rooms such as the master bedroom, kitchen and living room to a neutral or light colour makes the room seem more bright and open.


As a result, the home will appeal to more buyers. Another option, for bathrooms or smaller rooms, is to put up easy stick wallpaper to add texture and update the look.




Reposition Existing Furniture

A simple option is to re-arrange your existing furniture to maximize your space and layout. As someone who has rearranged her furniture a few times, I do believe it makes a difference to the overall feel and usefulness of a room!


The square footage of your home does affect its value but you can definitely make your space feel bigger to buyers with better placement of existing furniture.


Another option is to refurbish worn-out pieces to better match your desired home outlook. Chalk paint is a great choice to make old furniture look new or change colour to better match your existing furniture.


Thank you to Diana, one of my best friends from Western, for introducing me to the versatility of chalk paint! It’s super easy to use, requires no priming and little drying time, and can definitely make your furniture look new again.



Add Some Greenery, Artwork, Or Decor Items

Well-placed mirrors are a great choice to make any room look bigger. Indoor plants such as fiddle leaves, succulents, and snake plants are all trendy and easy to maintain.


Plus, indoor plants are said to boost your mood and productivity and clean the surrounding air by absorbing toxins. So it’s a win-win (win)! The goal is to create a space where buyers feel at ease when they walk in and where buyers can develop an emotional connection to your home.




Consider Landscaping

Curb appeal is important and a landscaped property will show buyers that the interior of the home is also well maintained. Oftentimes, buyers will drive by homes that they’re interested in and if the outside doesn’t attract them they may be hesitant to book a showing.


There’s no need to hire an expensive landscaper or be a gardening expert. There are many low-maintenance plants such as rhododendrons and boxwoods that stay green year-round and benefit from the climate in Victoria, BC.


It’s also important that walkways and driveways are clear of debris and are welcoming to buyers. Take some time to weed flower beds and make sure the lawn is watered and cut. Small changes will pay off in the end!


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  1. Kathy Mavrikos says:

    You make very valid points. Your pictures are lovely too!

  2. Blythe says:

    I agree with Kathy! Great post Ria – I recently painted my bathroom and it made a world of difference!

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