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Open Houses: Your Top Questions Answered

June 7, 2022


Open houses can be a debatable topic. Sellers may be hesitant to clean their homes only to have their nosy neighbors come through, and realtors may think their time is more valuable elsewhere. But, believe it or not, open houses can be beneficial for buyers, sellers, and realtors!


In this article, I address your most asked open house question, will there be cookies!? Just kidding. But you will find answers to some of your open house questions below.


How To Find Open Houses In Victoria, BC?

Open houses in Victoria are usually advertised online with real estate websites such as and open houses victoria a week before the scheduled open house. As a prospective buyer, you will also see open houses advertised on local realtors’ social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In addition, upcoming open houses are advertised online and offline through outdoor signs and arrow pointers.


Also, many realtors will have their open house signs displayed outside on the day of the open house. Just going for an afternoon weekend drive will point you in the right direction for the open house.


How Long Are Open Houses?

Open houses are usually about two hours long. While they can be longer or shorter, two hours is a wide enough window to attract a generous amount of potential buyers. If they’re too short, say less than an hour, it may not be convenient, and as a result, fewer people will go to that open house. In addition, open houses are at a pre-scheduled time, and there’s no need to make an appointment if you want to attend an open house.


Open houses should be done within the first few weeks of a new listing and, combined with other marketing strategies, will help the sellers get the maximum exposure.


Open houses do not need to be done every weekend, but a popular strategy is to time them when other open houses are in the neighbourhood. Realtors will try to schedule similar times to nearby listings to take advantage of prospective buyers looking at other open houses in the neighbourhood.




As A Seller, How Do I Prepare For An Open House?

For sellers, it’s important to have an open mind and be flexible to accommodate open houses. First impressions are essential, so if you can, make sure your house is clean, remove as many personal items, and it’s always a good idea to keep valuables out of sight. Also, make sure the home is easy to access. If possible, the front door and driveway should be clear.


Although open houses require effort on the sellers’ part, the ultimate goal is to bring maximum exposure to your property. Even if the people attending the open house aren’t looking to buy at the moment, they may have friends or family looking to purchase a home just like yours!


When Do Realtors Host Open Houses?

Open houses are traditionally held on Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon. Popular times are 12-2 p.m. or 2-4 p.m., but the times and days can vary based on the sellers’ schedules.


Occasionally open houses may take place on a weeknight in the late afternoon or early evening to attract a different segment of buyers who may be leaving work. Who could say no to snacks and avoiding the evening traffic?


What Are The Benefits Of Going To An Open House For Home Buyers?

Open houses allow buyers to look at homes at their convenience. Depending on the weekend, they can have the flexibility to view a handful of places without having to coordinate showings.


Also, they may have more time to explore the neighbourhood and surroundings. Perhaps, they will come across a home listed for sale that they hadn’t noticed online.


Open houses are also beneficial for new buyers who may be unfamiliar with the home search process. New home buyers can easily go into an open house to get an idea of what types of homes they would like to purchase without feeling pressured.




What’s The Value For Realtors?

Real estate professionals will gather prospective buyers’ contact information at open house events and follow up with qualified buyers to see if there’s any more interest in the property.


Often, the REALTOR® you meet at an open house may not be the listing agent. With the June 15th, 2018, ban on dual agency in BC, it’s now common for an associate REALTOR® to hold an open house instead.


Holding open houses is a great way for a new real estate agent to meet potential clients and get experience with answering common real estate questions.


For new or even experienced realtors, open houses are a great way to meet interested buyers and real estate leads. But, more importantly, I have found open houses to be a unique platform to learn in-depth about different house styles, architecture, and neighbourhoods.


Finally, they provide an invaluable opportunity for realtors, where you get to be face to face with prospective buyers and answer their real estate questions. In my experience, I have learned a lot about buyers’ needs and wants, which has helped me prepare for future client interactions. 


As a REALTOR®, How Should I Prepare For An Open House?

The goal is to host a successful open house that will generate a lot of interest in the home. To achieve this, you can bring marketing materials that highlight the home’s best features, educate yourself about the neighbourhood, and be ready to answer any questions from potentially serious buyers.


If it’s your first open house, there’s no need to be nervous. Open houses can be a fun, informal event and a great way to meet prospective home buyers!


Virtual Tours

Virtual tours and virtual open houses are popular options because interested buyers can view the interior of a home without having to leave their own homes. They also allow buyers to view the home conveniently, and the open house doesn’t have to rely solely on foot traffic. Instead, the seller’s agent will usually hire a floor plan company to also prepare a virtual tour that is available online.


What If You Can’t Attend The Open House?

That’s ok! Open houses are usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and those times don’t always work for everyone. If you see a home that you like on the MLS®, your real estate agent can book a private showing for you to view the home at a convenient time.


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June 7, 2022

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