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The 31 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas This Year

November 29, 2021


This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read the full disclosure here.




Whether it’s your friend or family member’s first home, new apartment or the first time they’re moving out on their own, these housewarming gifts are helpful, thoughtful and perfect for any new homeowner!

Below are some of the best housewarming gifts if you’re looking for gift ideas for the new homeowner!

1. Nespresso mini coffee machine: This coffee maker has a sleek design and comes in various colours. Enjoy delicious coffee in seconds, and a great gift that any coffee lover will be proud to have on their kitchen counter!



2. Bluetooth speaker: Every host will want a Bluetooth speaker just in time for their housewarming party! Bluetooth speakers are compact, wireless and produce great-sounding for hours at a time.



3. Bar kit: Is your friend moving into a bachelor pad? A bar kit is a great housewarming gift for the single guy to create handcrafted cocktails and impress his friends when they go over for poker night.



4. Amazon gift card: Everyone has at least one person that is just impossible to buy for. Your solution: an amazon gift card where they can pick out something they’ve been eyeing for their new place. Or a gift card to their local home store or home depot!


5. Home security cameras: Safety first! This is an excellent gift for your friend or family member who just purchased a new house and wants to stay updated on the latest home security systems.


6. Yeti cooler: A Yeti cooler is gaining popularity for its durability, increased insulation that keeps food and drinks cold for longer, and its overall rugged style. For the homeowner who likes to entertain outdoors or host family picnics, birthday parties or summer backyard BBQs!



7. Monthly subscription: Who wouldn’t love a fresh flower subscription from their local florist or a monthly subscription to their favourite magazine. Monthly subscriptions are a unique and thoughtful gift!


8. Wood or marble cutting board: Practical, decorative and beautiful! You could even make this a personalized housewarming gift with the option to customize the cutting board. Etsy has a lot of creative possibilities!



9. Cookbook: Out on their own for the first time? There are so many cookbooks to choose from with various dinner ideas, diet specifications, and entertaining inspiration. Plus, cookbooks will look great displayed on their kitchen island or bookshelf.



10. Weighted blanket: Have you ever tried one? It feels like a hug and is so calming that it will reduce any moving anxiety or new home jitters.


11. Coffee table book: Coffee table books look stylish, come in a broad range of topics, and are a great conversation starter when guests come over.


12. Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner: Maybe the most practical housewarming gift!? Powerful, lightweight and cordless, a Dyson vacuum is guaranteed to make cleaning enjoyable for any new homeowner.  


13. Diptyque candle: Possibly the prettiest and best smelling candles ever! They look so good in the bathroom, living room, or actually anywhere in the home!



14. Air fryer: The food possibilities are endless with an air fryer! Enjoy the convenience of fast and delicious dinners all while using less oil than traditional cooking methods.


15. Slippers: Cozy slippers are essential for any new homeowner!



16. Calvin Klein bed sheets: The comfiest t-shirt-like bedsheets that are machine washable and so easy to put over a mattress that they’ll never again dread making the bed!


17. Le Creuset French press: Brighten their mornings and add style to their kitchen with a Le Creuset French press. Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe and resistant to scratches or stains. They’ll enjoy the convenience of making great-tasting coffee at home.


18. Cast iron skillet: From delicious steaks to perfectly crumbly cornbread, a cast-iron skillet is an essential kitchen tool that will impress any food critic who comes over! 



19. Oversized throw or blanket: Great gift idea for those who enjoy cozy movie nights with popcorn or a glass of wine and can relax after unpacking the last moving box!



20. Board games: Board games are a fun gift and always great to have on hand when friends or family are over. A few great ones that come to mind are Taboo (think Four Christmases), the Office board game and Cranium Dark. 



21. Nutribullet: A valuable tool for the fitness fanatic who enjoys healthy smoothies in the morning or for the home chef to make delicious sauces for dinner parties. It is powerful, compact, and is simple to use!



22. Always pan: With over 10,000 five-star reviews, it’s hard not to believe the hype! Stylish enough to leave on your stovetop year-round, non-stick, multi-functional, and available in various colours.


23. Aesop hand soap: Luxurious hand soap that smells amazing, doesn’t dry out the skin and looks great on their bathroom countertop.


24. Diffuser: Perfect for a relaxing scent in their home office or bedroom!


25. Electric wine opener: A cool housewarming gift that is great to have on hand for parties or small gatherings.


26. Riedel wine glasses: These are the perfect addition to their existing wine glass collection. New place, more dinner parties!



27. Freestanding wine rack: No built-in wine storage? A freestanding wine rack looks great and ensures that there is enough space for the wine lovers out there!


28. Instant pot: This is the perfect gift for the busy homeowner who always has a million things on their schedule. Just place all the ingredients in the instant pot, and they can get back to what they were doing. Dinner will taste delicious, and there are so many recipes online for them to try!


29. Wood or marble charcuterie board: This is a traditional housewarming gift for a reason! Everyone should have one on hand for when guests arrive, and they look beautiful displayed in the kitchen.


30. Faux indoor olive tree: Bring the outdoors in with a trendy faux indoor olive tree!


31. Custom front doormat: You can get as creative as you’d like with this one. You know your friends and family the best, so feel free to add your personal touch.



This list contains practical housewarming gifts that will help you pick the perfect new home gift! These 31 options are creative housewarming gift ideas for your best friend, family member, co-worker and anyone in between!

November 29, 2021

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