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6 Tips To Improve An Awkward Kitchen Layout

May 2, 2022


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Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes! Whether you have a galley kitchen, U-shape kitchen, L-shape kitchen, kitchen island or no island, below are a few tips you can consider if you have an awkward kitchen layout and you’d like to increase the functionality of your kitchen.


This post is about how to improve an awkward kitchen layout without remodelling.


Before making any changes, as a first step, it’s important to think about traffic patterns throughout your kitchen and what makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle.


Do you like to entertain or prefer to go out for dinner? If you have a busy family life then having extra seating and storage could be more important for you.


Do you need space for a dining table or can you add bar stools to take advantage of your island in order to maximize the floor space instead?


Kitchen renovations and remodels often take more time to complete than a homeowner plans for and are more expensive than the original budget.


Kitchens designed decades or even years ago had different styles and needs compared to the functionality desired today. Traffic flow, storage space, and the inconvenient placement of appliances are a few of the main issues that homeowners want to address.


The good news is that if you’re planning on selling your home in the future, a functional kitchen will help to increase the value of your home.


If you’re not ready for the financial or time commitment yet of a full kitchen remodel, below are 6 helpful tips to help you improve an awkward kitchen layout without remodelling.


Below Are 6 Tips To Fix An Awkward Kitchen Layout (Without Remodelling)

The cost and time to make any changes will depend on the size of your kitchen. Smaller kitchens with lower square footage will likely not be as expensive or time-consuming as larger kitchens.


But, the final cost and time will also depend on the quality of finishes that you select or any delays with supply chains and available labour.


1. Think About Open Shelving

Replace awkward corner upper cabinets with open shelving or floating shelves. This makes your kitchen feel more open since it allows more light to flow through and you can easily access dinner plates and bowls. Or, you could display fun accessories like plants or photos to add personality to your kitchen!




2. Lighting Fixtures

If you’ve ever been in a too dim or too bright room, you know the importance that good lighting has on the feel and overall mood of a space. Add lighting to dark corners so that you can organize and see your counter space more clearly.


3. Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to give your kitchen walls an update and to make your space feel bigger is by painting the walls with a fresh coat of paint.


If your plan is to sell your home in the future then it’s best to keep a neutral colour in mind or think about what colours may be more appealing to potential homebuyers.


If you’re planning to take on a kitchen painting project then here are a few products that will help to make the project easier!


Painting brush: Help you paint faster and more accurately. An Amazon’s Choice for a reason!

Painters tape: This has saved me time and time again. Painter’s tape is a necessity.

Paint roller kit: This kit also includes a tray which is super helpful!

Drop cloths: Drop cloths are thin plastic cloths used to protect your furniture or other items that will be in the rooms that you’re painting.


4. New Countertops

Swapping out laminate countertops for quartz will make the kitchen more functional and add value for future homebuyers. White quartz countertops are a popular option. It’s easier for homeowners and potential buyers to add their own design style when they can start with a neutral colour palette.


Also adding extra length or width to your countertops can make your kitchen more functional. If you have the space, you could consider adding a kitchen island, sideboard, or breakfast bar.


If possible, choose one that has storage space for additional items such as dinner plates, cookbooks, or small kitchen appliances. Or, a movable kitchen island where you could also prepare meals if you need more counter space for family gatherings. Amazon and Wayfair both have really great options!


5. Think About Your Appliances

Update your kitchen appliances or choose appliances that fit comfortably in your kitchen. Updating old appliances to energy-efficient appliances will save you money in the long run on energy costs. If you have small appliances, consider repositioning them for more space and functionality.


There’s no denying that appliances add a lot of value when it comes to preparing meals. But, you may not need to have your instant pot, air fryer, and Vitamix displayed on your counter at all times.


You can leave the appliances you use the most (coffee machine or toaster) on your kitchen counter but consider storing the other ones away in a nearby closet or cupboard. If you really aren’t using it, consider donating it or giving it to a friend or family member.


6. Take Advantage Of Small Spaces

Take advantage of unused spaces like the areas above your kitchen cabinets or on top of your fridge. You can store items inside light woven baskets for a clean and streamlined look. This will help eliminate clutter on your counters and you can organize similar items together in each basket.


Take some time to de-clutter your kitchen and consider using storage options like drawer inserts to add functionality to cabinets and drawers.


Alternatively, take advantage of kitchen height with vertical storage.


Another option is to use a bar cart to add design or additional storage to your kitchen. A few examples of what you can store on a bar cart include cookbooks, liquor or wine bottles, or glassware.


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May 2, 2022

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